The Wilcox Home
The Wilcox Home

A Letter from the Wilcox Family


When we decided to build a home in Heritage in 2009, we interviewed a number of local building contractors.  We selected Owens Specialty Builders after viewing completed homes, current homes under construction, and talking with some of their previous clients.  We were impressed with the quality of construction and the attention to detail that was evident everywhere, beginning with the cleanliness of the job site during construction to the perfection of the finished homes.  This was true not only of Owens’ staff but of each and every subcontractor involved with our project.  We felt immediately connected with Darriel and working with him was easy and comfortable.  We came with a basic floor plan and some ideas – Darriel connected us to a great engineer to put our ideas into a plan.  During construction we had some further ideas and recommendations from Darriel that were incorporated into the finished home.  It was a truly collaborative effort.  We built from 450 miles away, living in Virginia during the entire construction period.  Darriel was always able to meet with us when we could be down here and set up meetings with subcontractors during our visits, whether on weekends or during the week.  Darriel introduced us to each contractor before work began and they went over everything in detail with us to ensure it was exactly what we wanted.  We always felt we had the best.  We can think of nothing negative to say about working with Owens Specialty Builders; it was a joy.  Five years later, we are still in awe of the amazing job that was done by everyone.

John and Janice Wilcox

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