Our References

"Our goal is to have every client as a reference and exceed your expectations"

The Guest Bedroom in the Davis Home - (Click to see larger)
The Guest Bedroom in the Davis Home - (Click to see larger)

  • Joe and Jill Burger
  • Bruce and Sandy Davis
  • Bill and Mary Hewson
  • John and Janice Wilcox
  • Jenny Taylor
  • Buck and Betty Clayton

Additional references and phone numbers provided upon request

A letter from a home owner


We recently purchased a custom home built by Owens Specialty Builders several years ago. The quality of the construction was very apparent and, for us, was a major selling point of the house. Without hesitation, we immediately hired Derriel Owens to help us develop and manage the renovations and cosmetic updates we wanted. During the planning process, Derriel’s suggestions were very helpful and, in all cases, resulted in a better outcome.


We have dealt with several contractors over the years, whether it was in Seattle, Washington; Sharon, Massachusetts; or Lake Norman, North Carolina Derriel has been, by far, the easiest to work with and the most responsive to our needs. He took full responsibility for all aspects of the project work whether handled by his own crew or the specialty contractors involved. We were kept informed at all times as to scheduling and costs. There were no problems, no surprises and the results were even better than we had imagined.


Don & Barbara Sherrill


A letter from a Murrells Inlet home owner

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Derriel Owens of Owens Specialty Builders.
My husband and I had a lanai put on our house in 2016. We had water running from the roof into the room after a rain. We tried several solutions both with the original builder and other roof experts to correct the problem, but the roof still continued to leak. Derriel was referred to us by a roofing company to analyze the damages. It wasn't good news as the constant water leak caused extensive damage to the wall boards and siding. Derriel and his team fixed the damage to the house, but the roof continued to leak. Going beyond anything we have ever experienced, Derriel contacted the original builder and developed a plan to resolve the roof from leaking. We all met and agreed on the resolution.
I can't express enough the commitment and customer service Derriel has provided too resolve our problem. The construction work both him and his staff completed was impeccable. Derriel is a man of integrity and honesty that you don't get to see too often in life.
Thank you Owens Co. from a very satisfied customer.
The Parkinson's
Murrells Inlet, SC

A letter from a home owner

In the fall of 2006, my husband and I were in search for a builder.  We had property and a house plan.  We met with a few contractors, but Derriel stood out.  He was honest, direct and up front with everything.  Derriel assisted us in tweaking the plans.  We used most of his subcontractors,  but he allowed us the flexibility of choosing a few of our own.  We were building from afar and depended upon Derriel's  expertise,  many of our neighbors commented on how neat and quiet his workers were.  At the end of the day, everything was always cleaned up.  We moved in on time - December 2007.  The home was constructed with quality materials and by quality workers.  

I am now a widow and this home has been easy to maintain, because of top notch construction and Derriel's insistence of high grade materials.  I often think --  "Thanks to Derriel for such a beautiful and great home".


The Kitchen in the Wilcox Home - (Click to see Larger)
The Kitchen in the Wilcox Home - (Click to see Larger)
One of the Front Views of the Hewson Home  - (Click to see Larger)
One of the Front Views of the Hewson Home - (Click to see Larger)

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